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Brian and Rowena Vasquez
Direct: 808.345.9140

Mahalo for all the posts and comments. If you would like a reply, you can always email us directly at There is no way for us to reply directly to your posts. We appreciate all of you! 
So enjoyed my time with your Ukulele group on the April 29th cruise to Hawaii. Highlight of the trip along with your so interesting and informative talks about Hawaii Rowena. Yes I did putting high praise about you to the cruise line. Thank you for teaching me Aloha

I hope you can open the attached photo.  We spent a fortune getting these cute items for our entry wall.  Unfortunately the colors aren't as vibrant in the photo as they are in person, but you can get an idea of what guests see before they even get to our front door.  We've named the daddy "Brian", the mommy "Rowena" and the little one, "Babycakes".  So we always, ALWAYS think of you either coming or going to the house!!!
Beth Hanson

I'd love to know if you could open this - these are done by a metalworks artist who lives in Mexico and brings his stuff to a tiny town called "Wikieup", about an hour from us.  (A wikieup is a Native Indian dwelling).  We've asked for him to do MORE, we'd love dolphins, an "Aloha" sign, whales, whatever he thinks is Hawaiian.  Next year you'll be in Arizona and can see these in person.

I'll never forget both of you! I hope to meet again,soon!
from: Ryoung (Emma) Yang (Star Princess)

Aloha and hoʻopōmaikaʻi; hoʻomaikaʻi to our dear friends:
We enjoyed our time with you on the second cruise to Hawaii.It was great to see the crowds in the Piazza share your passion.
Our time in the ukulele was a high point on the ship, so much that Lori bought one on our 1st day back in the states!!
So we both are playing "Pearly Shells" and other Star Princess greatest hits!!
We hope you enjoyed the bottle of wine, that is Lori's favorite.
We will send some pictures when we sort them out.
Well, Mālama pono
To you both.
Lori and Todd Francis (Star Princess)

Aloha Rowena and Brian
Here are the photos and videos we had taken involving you both.
We didn’t realize, until we returned home that the both of you were featured on the cover of the Princess brochure (attached).
Just wanted to say a special Mahalo to you both for being a terrific part of our holiday. You both made it that much more special – not only for your talented entertainment and your wonderful information about the islands – but for your friendship as well, right from the point where we met you both on deck before we even left Vancouver.
George & Monica (Star Princess)

My favorite from Kona Daze: "Hot Spanish Nights”. That thing is off the charts!
Rock (San Diego, CA)

Lila and I are still talking about our wonderful evening with you two, last week at Sam Choy's. We love Brian's music and your hula. We hope you get to San Fransisco Bay area this summer! 
Dorothy (San Fransisco, CA)

Thank you so much for this past Saturday at our 15th Annual  Great Waikoloa Ukulele Festival. 
We all enjoyed having your husband play “his style” of Ukulele and WOWing the crowd, especially since many of us LOVE SANTANA and Eagles! 
Margo Harumi-Mau Bunnell, Sales & Operations Manager at the King Shops in Waikoloa, HI 

Lee and I are so thankful to have met you and wittnessed your wonderful music and dancing abilities. You are Great! 
Tom and Lee (Montevideo, NM)

Aloha!  Brian we have been watching you play on your website and YouTube and you sooo good! We hope we get to hear and see you play Santana onboard.  Dwight has been trying to play some Santana since getting his Uke 1 1/2 yrs ago, he is still learning the uke.
Rowena, your hand movements are so beautiful. We are so grateful to you both for taking time and sharing your Aloha and Hawaiian spirit with us.
Gayle & Dwight

It was awesome to meet you two as well. Music is a huge part of mine an Derek's life an we were touched when we heard your husband.
Colleen (Roseberg, OR)

Brian and Rowena, You both made us feel welcomed to Hawai'i, and we thank you for the wonderful music and warmth. Your music inspired us during our stay. I put a short slide show together with your "Beach in Hawaii" as the inspiration and soundtrack
Lauren and Dwight (Michigan)

You have a great show loved your music Jack Seigal

Just wanted to say HELLO and thank you both again for helping to make our Hawaiian cruise so much fun. Even though I suck at playing the uke, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. It was a pleasure to meet you and hope you will be onboard next March 24th when we do it again. Maholo, maholo, maholo. 
Bob (Guest on the Ruby Princess)

Louise and I truly enjoyed the entertainment you preformed for us. Rowena You are a special person, full of love and respect for everyone. Your smile your hugs are what make you a true Hawaiian person.Brian your music is so good and we enjoyed hearing your ukulele being played. We also enjoy playing your CD which we will take on our Florida trip.