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One Time Admission to I.C.U.P.
  • One Time Admission to I.C.U.P.

One Time Admission to I.C.U.P.

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One Time Admission to I.C.U.P.

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Once you have made your donation for the week, go to "How to" on the main menu. Select "One time weekly download for music"

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Join us as you can. We will always have a seat for you! Workshop and special events. are currently not available at this level. 

The ability to upgrade to other levels are always available. If you are not sure you will enjoy it, give it a try and then decide! 

Make life easy! Sign up one time and we will bill you monthly. You can choose how much or how little you want to participate. 

Easy Pay, Easy Play is a no hassle monthly recurring billing option. You can sign up for 3 different levels, each having additional benefits. Hau'oli-(Happy-Happy) is for the basic strummer. Haumana-(student) has the benefits of Hau'oli and is entitled "Mele Ekahi". Mele Ekahi is once a month intense 45 minute workshop which concentrates one song only. Alaka'i -(leader, guide) has all the benefits the above and is also entitled to a once a month, Po'okela . workshop (up to 6 Alaka'i) per session. Mele Ekahi and Po'okela workshops.